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Create a brand experience worth bragging about

Life is a collection of experiences

Life is a collection of experiences

We do more than "design a logo, a website, and pick brand fonts and colors." 

We design brand stories that evoke emotion, marketing strategies that drive performance, and customer experiences that make people brag.

The best advertising comes from the mouths of your biggest fans.

Fans are created—not born.

Craft a unique experience they can't get anywhere else and they'll keep coming back to you.

Every. Single. Time.

The experience is everything.

Know your audience

Know your audience

You need good design to connect, inform, advertise, persuade or excite a certain audience.

Chances are you’re not trying to communicate with everyone on the planet, right? Use laser focus to figure out exactly who you’re trying to reach. What’s their age, gender, income, taste, attitude, employment, geography, and lifestyle? What are their biggest fears and burning desires?

You need to know who you're talking to.

Speak their language

Speak their language

Now that you know your audience, you need to speak their language so you can communicate with one another and cultivate a relationship.

It’s difficult for a Spanish speaking man to communicate with a Mandarin speaking man, the same way it’s difficult to sell a Mercedes with Ford marketing.

The key is to understand each other's language, culture, and "secret-hand-shake" so you connect on an intimate level without barriers. Speaking with authenticity and relevance to the right group at the right time will increase your chances of a meaningful connection.

Keep it simple

Keep it simple

Now that you know your audience and can speak their language, keep your message simple and clear. Nobody has time to read about all your "bells and whistles."

The more information you cram in, the more buried your main message becomes. If you try to say everything then you're saying nothing.

Stand for something. Be intentional.

Earn their trust

Earn their trust

All of the above leads to the most important element of marketing. The thing relationships are built on. The thing you can't purchase—it must be earned. It's something that's very difficult to capture and easy to lose.

It's trust. 

The way a brand earns trust is by providing its audience with value, motivation, and inspiration. By making promises and keeping them. This takes self-awareness, your brand needs to be 100% committed to its audience and it needs to be expressed consistently across every customer touchpoint.

Life works the same way, healthy relationships take time, clear communication, and empathy.